3x AWS certified.


I have industry experience working with AWS services which include, ElasticBean Stalk, WAF, Databases, Route53, API gateway, CloudFront, Cloudformation, S3, Lambda, SNS and a few more.

I have a hand-on-experience working with AWS services. I upload videos about  AWS practical tutorials every week to my youtube channel and post every week about the AWS services. Follow me for more. 

Verify my certifications.

Art House


I am developing this project using Vue.js, HTML, and CSS. I used REST APIs to integrate the frontend. Users can add the artwork and can see other artist's work, addtocart and upload their own artwork. Users can follow other artists and can unfollow them,  they can search the artwork too and can edit the artist personal details. 

Student Hub

Student Hub:

This is a project for international students who are studying in the UK. I gathered all the information they need in a single platform. This project has a scope and I can add more features to this project which help international students. 

(React-Redux app coming soon)


Todo List: 

Users can add edit and remove their tasks using this app. Every time user adds the task it generates a new colour and makes it more appealing. 


Weather App: 

This is a weather app, user can check the weather of any country in the world. 
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